Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dining Room Remodel complete

It's been a long time since I've posted anything about my new house. I guess I've been so busy getting things done that I haven't had time to share my progress.

When I moved in this room , like the rest of the house, needed paint and new flooring. It had the same dirty mauvy/rose colored rug (YUK) as the rest of the downstairs. When I pulled it up in the dining room I discovered that there were two more layers of flooring underneath. I was discouraged and worried that I'd find a subfloor, not hardwood under those layers.

But you know me, ever the optomist, I decided that I would pull up the vinyal floor and the particleboard subfloor and uncover a beautiful hardwood floor. My family wasn't so sure, but I was convinced (mostly) that I was right.

I got an estimate from the first floor re-finisher which included $500 for removing the 2 layers of flooring from the dining room. He said it would be really hard to do and take him the better part of a day. I thought he was right about it being hard work, but $500? I wasn't so sure about that. So I grabbed the floor tool that my brother insisted I buy, (I didn't want to buy it, it was $30) and got to work. Well, I was right, it wasn't a $500 job. If I could do it with just a little bit of help from a friend with a power saw for the edges near the heater, I figure it was more like a $100 job. Anyway it took me 2 evenings and a morning, plus a trip to the dump and I saved myself $500.

When the second floor re-finisher came his estimate was lower and he was going to do more than the first guy, so I went with him. I'm going to remember that for the future, always get more than one estimate. So it took about 4 days to have the floors refinished and it was inconvienent for my sons because they couldn't walk on the floors most of those 4 days. I went and stayed at a friends house. I don't like being inconvienenced. LOL

I was pleased with the way the floors came out, they are the original floors so do show some wear, but they're clean and shiny and easy to keep that way so I really can't ask for more.

Dad painted the room, and it came out great. My daughter-in-law arranged the furniture and the few knick-knacs I have, I made the centerpiece for the table.

I love the way the room turned out.


Anne said...

Congratulations! What a nice outcome on a home restoration project. Things don't always go so smoothly! Looks great! :-)

Oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog during One World - One Heart!

swooze said...

It is gorgeous. I love that blue on the wall. I would have stripped the floor myself as well!