Sunday, January 4, 2009

Quilt Block Swap

I decided I have the time to start swapping again. I was very pleased to find that the caliber of swaps has been very much improved since the last time I've done any swapping. One of the reasons I stopped swapping quilt blocks is because the only block people seemed to be swapping was large nine patches with muslin. BORING!!!

I posted a message to stashbusters asking for help finding block swaps. Here are the sites that were suggested:
Quilting Around the World
Mailblocks Quilting Forum
The Ohio star blocks in the picture are the blocks I made for a swap on QATW. I love the civil war fabrics and have a nice collection of them. I'll take a picture of the blocks I received and post them soon. They're all beautiful. I can't wait to make a quilt with them.
I have another swap from QATW ready to mail. Another picture I will have to take and post later. I forgot to take a photo before I packaged them.

I really love the challenge of block swapping. I always do my best work for swaps and it carries over to my personal projects. Sometimes I get a little sloppy and say about mismatched seams and missing points, "That's good enough". I don't do that for swaps so I get into a better habit of being precise in my piecing.

I find that having a due date makes me more productive. And I love using new color schemes, other people think of color combinations that I wouldn't and I learn a lot that way.
I highly recommend getting involved in quilt block swaps, you'll learn something and have fun doing it.

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Lelia said...

Thx for visiting my blog - via OWOH : ) I luv your quilt block swaps.

I recently got a sewing machine & am kinda new with blocks -- keeping the seams straight, etc.

You choose awesome colors in your blocks -- what an eye for color!!