Friday, March 6, 2009

Block Swaps Update

I'm still having a great time swapping quilt blocks. Every time I join a swap I learn something new. Here is a picture of the blocks I received in the Civil War fabrics Ohio star block swap.

Here is a picture of the Puss in Boots blocks I received:

I'm working on three other swaps, a "scrap happy" swap on
Quilting Around the World a mini nine patch swap for block_swappers and a nine inch nine patch for the same site.

There are many good reasons to join a block swap.
Reason one is to try a new color scheme. I tried a new color scheme for the Puss in Boots swap. I had all those colors but never would have combined them myself.

Reason two
is to find out more about your stash. In the Scrap Happy swap I learned that my stash was lacking in very dark colors. Next time I shop I will be adding some dark colors to help make my quilts "sing".

Reason three is to try a new block pattern. In the Scrap Happy swap I made a block I've never made before. It's just a simple double four patch, it's a classic, but I'd never used it before.

Reason four is to increase your productivity. Those deadlines really get you sewing.I find that having a deadline makes me more productive. I know that without these block swaps I wouldn't have made as many blocks as I have. When I finish these five swaps I will have enough blocks made to put together 5 new quilts. How's that for productivity!

Reason five is to help you "raise the bar" on your accuracy. I always want to send in my best work so I'm a little bit more careful and accurate when I make blocks to swap. That's a good thing because I know sometimes I get a little sloppy than I'm not happy with the way my quilts turn out.

Can you tell I highly recommend swapping quilt blocks? Head on over to some of my favorite forums and join a swap today, you'll be glad you did.
Quilting Around the World
MailBlocks Quilting

If anyone knows of other block swap sites please leave me a comment.
Also I'd love to hear about your quilt swapping adventures so leave a comment, I'm sure we're all interested in what you have to say.