Monday, February 23, 2009

Free Live Workshop

Marney from Artella is giving a free live workshop on this Thursday, February 26, called The Complete Idealist's Guide to Growing a Creative Business: 37 Ways to Really Make an Artsy Living.

I'm going to be leaving my quilt guild meeting early so I can join in. Click on the link to sign up. If you haven't checked out her web site you really should. Artellaland is a great place to visit for crafters, writers and artists.

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Phyllis Dobbs said...

Thanks for your comment on my guest blog on Quilting Gallery. The good thing about using crates and boxes to store fabrics the way I did is that I stacked them in two layers, front and back. I just pull out a box or crate in front to get to the back ones. The fabrics stay intact and neat that way.