Sunday, August 10, 2008

Home Improvement Update

Just a quick update on my progress. I will be posting some pictures soon. I've torn up the wall to wall carpeting in the living room, dining room, foyor ,stairs and hall. I filled the back of a friends pickup amd took it all to the dump. The house smells much nicer now. I still have to go over all the floors and pull out all the staples they used to tack down the carpet pad, and finish pulling up the tack strips. I had a hard time with those, they used some long nails and thry were difficult for me to pull out. One of my sons helped me with that.
My boyfriend cleaned out all three sheds, mowed the lawn, trimmed some shrubs and cut down a couple of shrubs.
My son, daughter-in-law and grandson did a bunch of stuff, cleaned out the fridge, cut some branches that were overhanging my "studio", cleaned off the roof, and tidied up the yard.
My handyman-for-hire built me some cellar steps so I can uses the bulkhead, replaced a couple of stairs on the deck and put deck hangers under the deck because there weren't any and the home inspector said that wasn't safe.
Let's see, what else? I called digsafe so I can install some fencing and plant some shrubs, Verizon so I can get TV, phone and most importantly INTERNET! They can't do it all in one day, I need to have someone at the house on 2 different days. That is VERY inconvienent!
I cleaned up all the stuff the former homeowner left on the deck and in the house, moped all the floors with Natures Miricle, a de-oderizing product for pet urine. I sure hope it will work. I know it works on carpets, but have never used it on hardwood flooring.
My brother primed the walls in my bedroom and removed the wallpaper border in the bathroom. He's going to come by today and help me choose the colors I'll be painting each room. He's great at that.
I've been to Lowe's several times buying stuff and I guess I'll be back there or Home Depot getting my paint. I'm tired of the hardware store already and I still have a bunch of stuff to buy. It took 2 trips before I got a working de-humidifier and the primer I bought from them stinks so I'm going to return the other 2 gallons and get the Kilz. If you need two coats you're not saving any money and you're wasting time. I have no time to waste, I have too much to do.
Another friend measured the yard for the fencing. I hope he can get to that ASAP, I hate tying my dogs out.
I'm feeling very tired and overwhelmed so I called Dad in Florida and cried HELP. So Mom and Dad will be coming up to help me as soon as I get my bedroom painted and the furniture moved in for them. Dad actually sound like he's looking forward to working on my house! Dad's sure are great!!
This morning I'm going over to the house and get cracking on thier bedroom. I have to wait for my brother to help me choose the color before I can paint the walls, I'll start with deglossing and priming the woodwork and painting the ceiling. I will have it ready by the end of the week even if I have to paint one wall every night after work.

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